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Volunteer Opportunities

Become a Volunteer

Patients can request volunteer help for a wide range of support activities. Be a volunteer and make a lasting difference in the lives of others. 

Our volunteer program staff are happy to discuss your interests and find the right volunteer opportunity for you. There are both short and long term opportunities, and in every case training is provided at no cost.Hospice Training for volunteers delivering direct services to patients and families is 30+ hours, spanning over several weeks. If you've been trained as a volunteer at a different hospice, you can also volunteer at Delta Soul Medical. Teens aged 16-19 are also trained by Delta Soul Medical to work with hospice patients. 

For those volunteers who wish to provide indirect service such as administrative and fundraising, only a short orientation is required.

People volunteer for many reasons, some more obvious than others. There's something for everyone to think about in the following list. 

Help others and the community. This comes to mind first, but you'll see in the list that not all reasons to volunteer are selfless (and that's okay!) 

Enjoy something you love. Volunteer opportunities exist everywhere. And when you volunteer at Seacoast Hospice, we'll help to find a way you can use your skills to the fullest degree 

Achieve new status and self-esteem. Besides good feelings within us, a volunteer position can create a new title or position of responsibility than may not be available in your workplace. 

Expand social and professional networks. Many people use volunteer activities to meet interesting people who share their interests and may even need their professional skills. 

Develop new skills and demonstrate existing talents. We offer specialized training for volunteers and your accomplishments as a volunteer can be as noteworthy as those that occur on the job. 

Polish a resume. Adding volunteer activities shows a commitment to working for others and experience in a particular field. 

Connect with someone you love. Couples or families who volunteer together gain a sense of deep satisfaction from doing something good for others and sharing the experience.Our volunteer department will gladly talk to you about opportunities at Delta Soul Medical.